Delicate beauty...

I had shared with a friend my love of things old and pretty... While I was at her place for an Oscars party (yes, it's taken me a while to get around to posting about it), she brought out this:

(although the ancient, beautiful hanger is mine--a family heirloom if you can say such things of clothes hangers!)

I'm guessing its circa 1930's/40's given the little gusset that you can't see in the bottom and the hand stitching. My friend couldn't remember the story that went with it. It's kind of like a one piece. I've no idea of its worth, but currently the idea of chopping it up for art is making me recoil.

With this and the christening dress, I may have to start a wall of clothing shadow boxes. But you need at least three for pleasing harmony, right? Hmmmmm.....

[Oh, I know, it's St. Patty's Day. Can we just agree that I'm a Miss Opposite and so have posted something peach-colored instead of today's ubiquitous green? (I am wearing green though!)]


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