Green Paper March challenge

I did a simple gluebook page for the Green Paper challenge this month.

I spent the rest of the day working on the journal prompts from the Artful Pages class.

My plan was to do garden prep (actually, my plan was to go visiting but my plan before the visiting plan was to do garden prep), but I managed to break a braces wire (I have an invisible retainer-thingy) while biting down on my last bite of my "everything" bagel thins for breakfast this morning, so I had to try and get it fixed (not until hopefully on Monday), and the I figured, what the hey, lets do art for the day (and laundry).

Right now I have dental braces wax back there because the wire's annoying. Don't know why they insist on making it mint-flavored though. Bleaugh.

And it melts when you eat hot soup. (ick) Yep, I'm on a small bites diet: soup, smoothies and by golly, I managed to eat Tim Tams by using the side of my mouth to bite them. Where there's a will, there's a way!


  1. Ouch!!! Well, your art turned out wonderfully!!!

  2. you certainly made lemonade out of lemons--great art!

  3. Leanne - will you please contact me? My email is - you won the free image collection prize for this challenge! Mary


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