Pay It Forward gift!

So I signed on for "Pay It Forward" and TinyBear's thank you arrived in the mail last week:

It is the most beautiful felted heart! Thank you!!!

Now about this Pay it Forward thing. I have to "pass it on" but nobody's signed on yet! Follow this link to do so.

My lovely heart is now hanging on my inspiration board (aka the always-open shutters)...


  1. Hi Leeanne
    That heart is so beautiful, she is such a sweetheart...
    I just wanted to thank you for your comment and I understand your concern, I thought this could be a good forum to add posts every 2 weeks on healthy life choices. Not just focusing on a crash diet, that is not my intent but to focus on the support here. I thought a little reward system would be a positive incentive but like I said it is not about the winning. And even if I am the least weight loss each month I love making something and giving it so I just thought it would be a blessing all around. We could use your input and experience in the posts every 2 weeks!!! Think about it, and thank you for your comment!


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