Pay It Forward

Have you seen this out there on the blogosphere? Pay It Forward 2011.

The only thing is: I am not sure where it started! I saw it on Tiny Bear's "From a Danish Bearmaker's Studio" blog and I checked out where she got it from and well, it seems like an infinite journey back, which is how it should be!

So here's how it works....

The first five (5) people who comment on this blog post will get a handmade gift from me.

In return, though, you must do two things:
  1. write a blog post that explains Pay It Forward 2011.
  2. spread the love and send handmade gifts to your first five commenters!

"It's not the size of the item that matters,
but the spirit

of paying it forward."

OK, there's a third thing -- the first 5 folks will need to be contactable in some way so I can get mailing info and the like, or use my "About Me" blog page to reach me. My goal is to get those handmade gifts out, um, by the end of the year. God willing, before summer's over! I'll keep y'all updated.


  1. OK what happens if you don't have a blog?Happy to receive a handmade gift. At the markets on Saturday I scored some old Country Marketplace mags some lovely gift ideas some by Charlotte Lyons, much love


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