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Because Suzi Says So

I think my painting is done. I think. Stay tuned because I may change my mind about this tomorrow. In the meantime, Suzi Blu (whose mixed media painting class I am taking) is having a giveaway. I'm an artist! Suzi says so! Amen and Alleluia!

I haven't posted for over a week...

And I've been a bit neglectful. I was lucky enough to win Mary Green's prize last month for her March challenge . I had my choice of an item from her store, and I picked this one from a French dictionary . I've been busy: planning my table for the May high tea at church, Holy Week, Holy Week, Holy Week, Easter -- not just as part of my job at church but as a choir member -- and somehow found time to almost finish the current mermaid painting. I don't think she's done yet though. So you'll have to wait to see it. I've even found time to sign up for a swap! The Vintage Bling Necklace Swap. There are still spots open if you'd like to sign up! What I haven't found is time to post. Hopefully now that Jesus has been let loose in the world (He is risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!), I'll have a little more time to do more than read other people's blogs!


I haven't posted much in the last couple of weeks. This can be simply explained by the fact we're heading toward Easter, and church/work has been all about that. I've been taking pictures (what are living on my camera and iPhone), but I can't share a certain set of them until after Mother's Day (or if Mum tears into her present early even though it is expressly stated that she is NOT to on the outside of the box)... I've tinkered with my mermaid painting ... and hopefully today, after I do a little more housecleaning, I might be able to add some glitter and mica to it :)

Sampler framed

Just thought I'd share a picture of Mum's sampler that I got framed recently (40% off coupon at Aaron Bros.) It's in a shadowy spot, so the photo wasn't quite true to color, and a flash would just shine off the glass.... I'd like to find a better spot for it, but at least here I can get up close and look at it without having to crawl over furniture :)

Planning a High Tea

Actually, all I have to do is decorate a table, complete with place settings. So I had a vague memory of Miss Lynn of Create...Breathe putting together a folder for Silver Bella and went in search of it. Here's my version: Cut up a doily and some vellum for pockets.... I used paper that I loved so much that I didn't want to use it. Mainly Basic Grey, but the below pattern isn't theirs, I think. I didn't want anything to cover it, so I left it as it is. The green ribbon was also something I've been hoarding. The envelope on the left holds my backup plan (plan b) and I need to write a tea quote next to the teacup at the top of that page. And a ledger page to write memories of the event down after it happens.... I've had to hide a page because a few people from church might stumble across this blog before the big day.... and it illustrates what I plan to do (especially after I link to it from Facebook). Well, at least plan A. I also have a plan B. Lesso