I haven't posted for over a week...

And I've been a bit neglectful. I was lucky enough to win Mary Green's prize last month for her March challenge. I had my choice of an item from her store, and I picked this one from a French dictionary.

I've been busy: planning my table for the May high tea at church, Holy Week, Holy Week, Holy Week, Easter -- not just as part of my job at church but as a choir member -- and somehow found time to almost finish the current mermaid painting. I don't think she's done yet though. So you'll have to wait to see it.

I've even found time to sign up for a swap! The Vintage Bling Necklace Swap.

There are still spots open if you'd like to sign up!

What I haven't found is time to post. Hopefully now that Jesus has been let loose in the world (He is risen! The Lord is risen indeed! Alleluia!), I'll have a little more time to do more than read other people's blogs!


  1. He is risen!
    what a glorious

    you are


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