Planning a High Tea

Actually, all I have to do is decorate a table, complete with place settings.

So I had a vague memory of Miss Lynn of Create...Breathe putting together a folder for Silver Bella and went in search of it.

Here's my version:

Cut up a doily and some vellum for pockets....

I used paper that I loved so much that I didn't want to use it. Mainly Basic Grey, but the below pattern isn't theirs, I think. I didn't want anything to cover it, so I left it as it is. The green ribbon was also something I've been hoarding. The envelope on the left holds my backup plan (plan b) and I need to write a tea quote next to the teacup at the top of that page.

And a ledger page to write memories of the event down after it happens....

I've had to hide a page because a few people from church might stumble across this blog before the big day.... and it illustrates what I plan to do (especially after I link to it from Facebook). Well, at least plan A. I also have a plan B.

Lesson learned: cut paper to size of each panel instead of trying to fold it around the manila folder folds. I have some gaps. This is also the project that I ran out of double-sided tape... and had to wait until I could get to a store to buy more.


  1. oooohhhhh!
    beautiful work,
    isn't it a fun
    little project???!!!


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