Mermaid painting

It's been a couple of weeks since I finished this painting, but my first chance to post about.

This is part of the La Sirena class -- well, the techniques I learned are, and the slightly more mature face of my mermaid is Suzi Blu's template. (I finally got the hang of drawing the nose, I think.)

Here she is, almost finished.

Suzi said the lines radiating out through her hair were too dark, and she's right. The gel I used to seal had darkened the gold leaf.

Some more close up images of the final painting.

Ok, confession, I did actually go back after I took these photos and add some blue water-soluble wax crayons onto the green seaweed to help them meld better with the background.

The title of the painting:

Final version (sans some blue crayon!)

See how it's shiny?

This means I'm up to the last painting. Which means learning how to draw 3/4 faces, block out a giant painting's structure and then paint the darn thing... I know exactly what I want to do, but first... back to faces....


  1. I like her , you don't say how big she is?She certainly has a restful face though she could look right through you I imagine.Enjoy doing more faces. Much love.

  2. Um, I'll have to measure her but I think she's ... heck, I'll go measure her.... 16" x20"

    PS. Still no parcel :(

  3. You have done an awesome job!! It turned out beautifully. Really like your blog!!

  4. Lovely painting!
    I saw your comment on Hope's blog where you quoted Jane Eyre. Anyone who enjoys Jane Eyre is a friend of mine. It's one of my favorite books!
    :) I'm off to find a follow button and peek around your blog.


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