Mother's Day gifts

So now it is over a week since Mother's Day, but I've simply been too busy to sit in front of a computer and edit photos and compose a post. Well, I got as far as editing the photos. I spent the past week rehearsing and practicing for last Sunday -- where for the first time, I sang with the praise band as lead.

Yeah, it's one of those "No #$^#, there I was..." I was really nervous to start with, and it wasn't until after our offertory anthem (the only non-congregational piece, and half-way through) that I relaxed. Even though I kept telling myself it wasn't about me, it was about God... Oh my, I think I have to blog about this for my church's yet-to-be-launched blog. Hmm.

Ok, alright, here's the Mother's Day pictures. Mum had oohed and ahhed over the Texas Silver Bellas mum corsages in '09, so I thought I would make her her very own. I mostly winged it based on homecoming mum corsage instructions online.

And then Dan saw what I was doing and said his mom would like one ... Hers is a little smaller because I took the opportunity to play with these award pieces that Michael's was selling. I still used a silk flower for the center and added around the outside.

I also successfully managed to staple my thumb.

Because these are all lovely whites and creams, I'm joining in White Wednesday today!