A Vision for High Tea...

Ok, so now that Blogger has stopped doing its maintenance thing, or whatever glitch it was, and now that I actually have time to type.... I thought I'd start with the most recent event and then backtrack to posts that have been waiting in draft mode.

So over a month ago, I posted about planning for a high tea. To be precise, my table that I was hostess for. (Hmm, that was a poorly worded sentence.) I took the inspiration from the Spring issue of Victoria magazine (April 2011, I think?), of their woodland table setting.

And here's what I came up with.

The ferns were gifts for those who sat at my table.

I made the wreath based on Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial on HGTV. (I should have used more glue, it got bumped around during the break-down part and I have to reglue some moss --- although it looks kinda shabby-distressed...

I got the bird's nest chargers from Pottery Barn and they were my biggest expense, by far. I had the grape wreath on hand, the moss (although I got some mood moss at Pottery Barn too). The little bird's nests were on sale at PB, and I got the tiny blue eggs from Speckled Egg (I think).

And yes, I mixed up 3.25 sets of china. (I only have 3 pieces of one pattern.)

My favorite comment was that it was like a Japanese forest, which my Mori-girl-self greatly appreciated.
(Teapot a long ago Ebay buy.)

There are some notes for next time -- like a bigger lace tablecloth -- and to bring a car-vacuum to suck up all the moss bits when I cut the sheet moss and it shed everywhere. Or who knows? Maybe I'll go for straight elegance next time....

Or take the advice of the little girl who was helping set up and make an igloo out of sugar cubes ... or a tropical forest setting... we shall see!


  1. Yeh, your back. Your table looks stunning, love all the different doilies and all the pretty china, glad all turned out well. Much love.


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