This started out as a "Help! I'm stuck!" post but...

So I got this lamp at Goodwill on Saturday. Looks alright doesn't it?

Or does it...

The blasted glass bit will not stick into the candlestick bit for love or money. Am beginning to wonder if there's a part missing actually, because the grippy things are not gripping.

And then after I'd finished taking photos, editing them, writing this blog post and scheduling it to be posted in the morning, I figured it out. The grippy bits go inside!

So you got a tiny wee sneak peek at the art room closet...

So far the progress is:
  • cleaned out closet
  • moved in chest of drawers which now contains fabric with *gasp* room for more!
  • started on a shrine space
  • 99% done with recipe file and tossed out a ton of cooking magazines
Still need to finish the shrine space, paint a jewelry box, fix the broken closet door, and do pretty labels. I decided not to paint anything, and the table skirt is a tad ambitious given the time I have -- plus I signed up for Karla's Birdsong tag swap, so I need to get going on those 7 tags.

But I still need advice: bleaching a bright orange linen shirt with pretty embroidery... any tips? Soak in bleach and then handwash?


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