Wednesday's Where's God?

Here is the cover of the journal I have started keeping (editing to add that as mentioned in an earlier post this is based on a class I took with Rebecca Sower at Silver Bella):

and some details.

Here's a scan of the inside. with a prayer of intention in the center:

the first page, is a mini page that states the goals of the journal:

and the first page of observations:

Where was God in your week?

Comment below with your own list, perhaps a photograph you took that illustrates it (a picture is worth a thousand words), or art illustrating your gratitude! (If I get enough folks participating, I'll start using a link party tool.)

A couple of rules:
1. Link to the specific post, not the main page of your blog.
2. Please, no links to online shops -- stay on topic!

Feel free to post the blog button!

(Incidentally, I can't figure out how you can copy and save the html code to link back. If anyone knows how, please let me know!)

I will share my favorites next Wednesday, in the meantime, check back to see who has posted and enjoy discovering God in each other's lives!