Wednesday's Where's God?

Welcome back to another Wednesday's Where's God?

For some reason it was harder to see Him this week, and then when he did show up it was intensely personal, including a major "aha!" moment.

I've been doing battle with whitefly, so it was great to see the hibiscus flower:

Who needs photo textures with colors like that? I played with my new watercolor pencils to do a quick sketch on the page:

Where was God in your week?

Comment below with your own list, perhaps a photograph you took that illustrates it (a picture is worth a thousand words), or art illustrating your gratitude! (If I get enough folks participating, I'll start using a link party tool.)

A couple of rules:
1. Link to the specific post, not the main page of your blog.
2. Please, no links to online shops -- stay on topic!

Feel free to post the blog button!

(Incidentally, I can't figure out how you can copy and save the html code to link back. If anyone knows how, please let me know!)

I will share my favorites next Wednesday, in the meantime, check back to see who has posted and enjoy discovering God in each other's lives!


  1. hhmmm...God is in the midst of changes. Bennett turned 6, Trent will be starting a new job, my little girl dressed herself today and I'm clinging to Him when I feel the world is twirling fast around me.


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