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So there's a party coming up, eh?

My Desert Cottage

I thought well, not much has changed in my space since last year, except it's gotten a great deal messier!

Oh and the door to my closet has fallen off. Hmpf.

So judging from last year, my to do list was:
  • paint brown card file to fit in (naaaahhhh...)
  • clean out closet (a definite. Maybe even this weekend.)
  • sew up vertical seams in hanky curtains (naaahhhh...)
  • make pretty labels for my binders (I can do that!)
So of the two things from last year that I've decided to do, I'm considering:
  • since I've started following Miss Mustard Seed, I've been wondering: should I paint this cabinet? Everything else in the room is blond wood or painted white or pink (except the table of course, but you never get to see the surface of that!). The only problem is, I wouldn't know where to start (I'm sure she has a tutorial on it though, right?).

  • A table skirt for my work table? Did Claudia of Mockingbird Cottage ever post that tutorial?
  • Fabric. Or if you prefer, imagine the priest from The Princess Bride: Fabbwic. Fabbwic is evwywahr.
    It's gone from one drawer to another drawer in the guest bedroom (oh dear) to a pile on my art room floor. Hmm, wonder if I could wrangle in one of the small side drawers into this bedroom? Maybe if I clean out the closet .... and would I have to paint it too then?
  • oh yeah, and fix the broken closet door. The spring has sprung.
And while I'm at it, I can take care of the "recipe file" epic project that is in two piles on my art room floor, and the "dream garden" binder too (which isn't even in this space, but hey, while I'm organizing.

And it probably wouldn't hurt to do an actual purge of stuff. I've already done the magazines because I needed room for my Somerset mags.

And you know what? I've always wanted to make a shrine. Some place to pray besides on the couch upstairs. If I keep my art room neat, I bet I could turn a corner of it into a worship space...


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