Birdsong Tag Swap -- arrived!

Ok, it'll take me a wee while to process photos etc, so look for a post on them soon! But they is gorgeous! Thank you, Miss Karla!


  1. Hello, I received one of your lovely tags in Karla's tag swap. It is very pretty. I like both sides. Thank you for participating.
    I also love your blog. I want to learn how to make mine "prettier" and more personalized.

    Debra Ganas at "The Early Bird"

  2. I wanted to thank you for the lovely comment on my tag you received. I'm so sorry that I didn't get one of your tags. Karla did a fantastic job on hosting this swap and I will definitely join another.
    Loving your blog and while we do visit some of the same blogs, I have found a lot of new blogs on your sidebar. Enjoy your Sunday!


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