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My Desert Cottage

Not much has changed in my art room since last year.

I had a substantial to-do list this year and I didn't quite get to all of them. Here's what was on my "to-do" that got t'done:

1) I made pretty labels for my binders:

2) I cleaned out my closet. (There is no before picture: just imagine stacks of boxes, giant plastic containers and the like.)

The closet now holds some stamp storage (off to the side behind the purple velvet dress that's hanging; a chest of drawers packed with fabric (now consolidated into one space except for another drawer in last year's pink chest of drawers); and a sacred space.

The wall has book pages taped onto it. I got the idea and the technique from Aunt Peaches.

Eventually, the small stained glass cross will move and be above the ombry that I have on permanent loan (currently holding my prayer books and a bible), which is a bit of a long story, but basically when I no longer have a use for the ombry, I have to give it back. It smells of rosewood inside, and I think really was an ombry (place where the sacrament is kept).

Anywho, the cross will probably be replaced by the icon I'll be making in August. It's a proper icon writing workshop using ancient techniques and lots of prayer. I'm really looking forward to it.

I made labels out of pretty paper for the boxes so they'd be more pleasing to the eye. (And I'd know what was in them without having to fetch them down.)

The quote is a calligraphy piece by an Order of the Holy Cross monk and is from Micah, and the small image second from the right is this really old saint card -- made of glass and celluloid, I think, that I found at an antique shop in Omaha two years ago. Now I have the right space for it.

The closet also holds my small collection of crosses and rosaries.

The broken closet door is still broken and currently residing on its side in the guest bedroom. I suspect it'll eventually make its way out to the garage, because really, I don't need to hide what's in the closet any more.

I didn't paint the chest of drawers, nor the tall jewelry cabinet that actually holds pens and other bits, nor did I get around to making a table skirt for my desk, but at least I cleaned it up.

I did do a small purge of magazines ... and took care of the stacks of recipes and cooking magazines that were on the floor of this room!

Here's what else is new about the space since last year.

Already blogged about: my "inspiration board" bird cage that I set up for Suzi Blu's La Sirena course. (And I finally have a place to put my iHome with iPod!) To the right, salt and pepper shakers holding various kinds of glitter surround a Mary statue.

The hurricane lamp I was having issues with now lives here:

I was really nervous about putting it in a closet that had loose paper on its walls. Can you blame me?

The other new addition (which was not on my to do list) is this jewelry box: picked up as plain wood at Michaels, which I painted, sponged and stamped French words onto. It now holds the bling where I can see it!

Oh and this is where the moss wreath I made for the High Tea ended up:

Oh hey, remember the curtains I made out of hankies last year? I was having difficulty taking pictures of them because they are rather sheer and the sun comes through them. I finally figured it out. Photograph 'em at night! (Then there's only the flash flare to deal with. Ahem.)

You can also see the shutters on either side: on the left hand is an extension of the La Sirena inspiration, and the right hand side is just cute stuff I've found or received....

I have a whole stack of hankies recently unearthed and so I'm thinking of making an "all white" curtain with embroidery on it. However, I've been thinking this for a while, so don't hold your breath for next year's blog party... ;)

Here are more pics, much the same from last year:

(The blue case is a lot more stuffed than it was last year. I'm trying to use my good stuff, really!)

Finally, some of what I do art-wise has changed, is changing. I am pretty sure that it is all part of finding my artistic voice. But since the class I took from Suzi Blu, I am more confident about drawing and really enjoyed making mixed media paintings. You can see the two paintings I've done so far, in the photos below.

I was part way through Suzi's course when I realized two things. First, this kind of art really gets at what's going on in your subconscious/soul; and second: that I can incorporate my faith into my art (even when they are mermaids. I started a "Wednesday's Where's God" to explore this in art journal format (which has been fairly basic thus far but is creating a good habit).

Thanks for coming to see where this blogger creates! I'll be checking in regularly, so if there are any questions, just holler!


  1. Oh my goodness...what an amazing space to create you have! Love it all...the book pages in the closet...divine. My fav...the curtains. Totally darling!

    LOVE IT!

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. I LOVE the wreath!

    I hope you have time to visit my creative spaces!

  3. Love what you did with your closet including a little sacred space. I have a rosary collection too, but it's sitting in a drawer. The handkerchief curtains are lovely.

  4. I love the book pages on the wall, so creative! Your space is so lovely, and seems so peaceful :) Thank you for sharing!


  5. hi leanne - everything looks so great and i love how you've added personal touches throughout with symbols of your faith. i think my favorite is the hankie curtain - so wonderful ! and i think a white one would be stunning. thanks for the visit !

  6. Leanne, what a pretty hanky curtain! And suitcase storage is a great idea, and a tiered basket of lace...and the book pages ~ fabulous!

    ~ Violet

  7. What a great space!! Love the storage in the closet! Wish I could do that with mine but I need mine for my clothes as my hubby's postal uniforms have moved me right out. LOL!
    Love your displays and you have a lot of great storage ideas that i may need to borrow!!
    Adore the hanky curtain!!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us today!!


  8. Hi Leanne! I'm sure most everyone who joined in last year will not have changed much either, but it's nice to see those little things that have made their way in since then. I love the book pages you did in the closet. I would leave the door off, too. I'm glad to see that your tiered baskets are filled to the brim as well! Thanks for your visit! I should have a brand new space to show off next year because we will be moving soon. I'm looking forward to that!

  9. Great creative space. lots of wonderful storage ideas.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck.

  10. Oh.my.goodness. That hankie curtain is just PERFECT in every way! Love that tiny cabinet with the glass door, too. Looks like a very fun art room.

  11. What a lovely little space! Thanks for visiting mine :)

  12. I enjoyed visiting your studio Leanne and look for to the icon in August. I'm also going to check out your Wednesday Where's God post too. Have a great weekend, Nan

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your too!!! Thanks for the tour. Hugs---sandie

  14. Is that gorgeous painting above the row of ribbons yours? It is lovely. Your spot is lovely. Thanks for showing it to us all! *smiles* Norma

  15. Love the changes you've made - what a pretty space and it is clear it has a great deal of meaning for you. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  16. i just ADORE your collection of rosary beads. and that curtain made out of old hankies is so sweet! merci for visiting MY studio and leaving such sweet words. :)

  17. Your handkerchief curtains are so cute.

    Thanks for poppin' by and saying hi.

  18. You have a WOnderful Studio and So many Beautiful Pieces you have Collected! Thank You for Sharing and Coming over for a Visit!Come and See Me Again Sometime!
    Have a Wonderful

  19. Greetings,
    Your studio closet is so organized...you have inspired me to tackle mine! Thank you for sharing your creative spaces with us. I hope you have time to stop by and visit me...there's a little giveaway at the end!

    Have a happy Monday ~Natalie

  20. Good morning! I wanted to share that I have my great grandparent's rosaries from the 1800s. Very cool and antique looking & I've never known how/where to display them (plus I don't want to damage them either...).

    Thank you for the tour, I enjoyed your space.


  21. You really know how to use space creatively!!! I adore the rosaries and that wreath, love the look of the book pages too. For my ribbon cards I used photocopies of cabinet cards and glued them to cut up matte board, they could still use some edging and antiquing but at least I have my ribbon organized......you are very organized, love your space! Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog to see where I create.
    Margaret B

  22. So nice to have a space dedicated to where we can create. Thanks for the lovely tour!

  23. Thanks for the tour of your inspiring studio. Everything seems to be so organized and ready to be used in your creating.

  24. I love your hanky curtains!!!! And your tiered basket. I've been looking for one of those for along time!!! Adorable crafting space!!!

  25. Donna, it doesn't seem that I can reply to you via email -- so, I think I got my tiered basket from the Vermont Country Store. I *think*, but couldn't swear to it. It might've been Target actually....

    Thanks everyone for coming by!

  26. Love your space, especially that little blue suitcase, it's adorable. The jewelry box that you created is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Your room is just darling and I love the hankie curtains!! Thank you so much for joining my little party and sharing your lovely studio!!

  28. The hankie curtain is adorable -what a wonderful space!

  29. The hankie curtain is definitely my favorite! Plus, I did a book page cover on my bulletin board as well (you can see it in my wbc3 post) so of course I think that is cool.

  30. Love your creative space! Your handkie curtain is just so pretty! You did a good job.
    Your "bling" box is lovely. You are so creative!
    I'm glad I stopped by. Thanks for sharing your creative world with us!

  31. Thank you for the tour of your wonderful space; your hankie curtain is such a great idea, so very feminine. And thank you for sharing your very gorgeous artwork and your lovely collection of supplies and treasures.


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