Taking a Break

Hi all,

So you might not have noticed, but I haven't posted the usual Wednesday's Where's God? and I won't be this week either.

There's a bunch of reasons, mainly:
  • I got a seriously bad cold. I managed to post one spread while I was sick, but the wretched thing hung on for a good two weeks. I'm better now (aside from the lingering post-nasal drip and slight cough)
  • I'm re-evaluating why I have this blog. My day job as my church's communications director means I'm doing a lot of communications, including a blog where church members are learning to share their stories about how God is impacting them. It's truly become my ministry, my vocation. My blog here started out as a way to keep in touch with fellow Bellas and as an easy way for my Mum to see what I'm up to. Now, now, there might be a new purpose. I'm still trying to figure out if it's the right one and honoring the process instead of doing my usual "leap off a cliff" decision making.
So, I'm using this time to take a break and not post anything. I started a bit early, but let's call it a break for Advent -- and I'll see y'all after Christmas. I'll have a ton to post as I've been doing some painting (if that's the way things go), or I'll be posting on another theme. Or both.

So Happy Thanksgiving, have a Blessed Advent, Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays)...


  1. Dear Leanne
    Enjoy your break!
    Thank you for popping into my blog and having a cup of tea with me - it was nice to catch up again after such a long time!

    I'm limiting my computer time too, as I've got things to get ready for the big Christmas post to lands far away and the last posting day for the 'economy' rate is this Friday!!

    Advent blessings to you my dear friend, you've got your priorities right too!!
    Thank you for thinking of me.....

    God bless you and keep you

  2. Good Morning Leanne~
    I hope you find all the answers you are looking for during your time away.
    I'm wishing you the best of holidays and hope you come back soon~


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