Goals for 2012

So Jon Acuff asked his readers: "What do you want to finish in 2012?"

Here's my answer:

Here are my goals for 2012.
  1. Create communication strategies for each ministry in my church (it's in the strategic plan, so I gotta)
  2. Develop this blog to be a base for my vocation of telling my story of believing how unworthy I thought I was of God, and providing a listening base for those who are in that situation. (Um, measurable goal would be: posting twice a week on/around the topic and learning (really knowing) the stories of two other people.) 2b. Find a coherent way of saying that.
  3. Paint another large painting (3'x4', I think)
  4. Learn how to take better photos of my art. So by December 2012 I will be taking good photos of artwork and wee objects.
  5. See if I can get my twice a week of 10 minutes silence to 5 times.
  6. (which I forgot to add to my comment on Jon's blog) Lose 15 lbs. I've been maintaining my current weight for long enough. It's time to reach the next goal and lose the bit that I gained back since my last pass at weight loss. Which means keeping a faithful record on MyFoodDiary (edited this one, proving I can't do math either)
A page from last years Reverb10 journal
I found going through Reverb 2010 last year that I managed to make most of my goals, and most of the 11 things my life didn't need. I almost wish I'd had the time to repeat the journal entries for Reverb11.

What are your goals for 2012?


  1. Hi Leanne, thanks for stopping by and giving me the info, I had not heard of her before so I will check her out.
    I posted a little early tonight... didn't know if I would make it to midnight
    Have a wonderful New Year


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