7 Quick Takes for Friday: Tea and Stuff

--- 1 ---

I am making my own iced tea. It dawned on me that I didn't need to buy this stuff. I have loads upon loads of tea (loose and in tea bags) so why not use it?  The Mountain Spring Jasmine green tea by Mountain Leaf is just scrumptious. Mentioning it here so I can buy some more once I run through the rest of my insanely huge tea stock.

--- 2 ---

Came home from chanting Lauds at the cathedral to discover that my husband had packed up the nativity scene. I guess he doesn't read my blog.

--- 3 ---

Spent Monday and Tuesday at Disneyland and California Adventure. Needless to say, had an absolute blast and went on a ton of rides because it a) rained on Monday and b) it's winter!

--- 4 ---

I just set up Twitter Feed for my blog so it can push my posts to my Twitter feed and to Facebook auto-magically. This post will be the second one that's pushed, so I want to share the past few posts here in case you missed them because they weren't linked to a link-party.

--- 5 ---

7 things to do instead of eating in front of tv.

1) work on all the altered clothes projects so I can wear them this summer!
2) create in my art journal
3) organize my hosiery (need something to put them in)
4) make a scarf organizer
5) google reader!
6) finish fabric book (so close to being done!)
7) get taxes in order

--- 6 ---

I also want to rearrange my guest bedroom so that I can paint using the big easel. Having it actually in my art room covered up my prayer corner (because of the drop cloth around and under it) and blocked access to stuff I needed. So on the one hand, it did focus me to get the painting done -- on the other hand, it changed my morning prayer schedule.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing ... but it would  be nice to go back to the way I was doing it.

--- 7 ---
I guess my #7 is this:

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  1. How do you make your iced tea? checked out a few recipes but some very complicated with a lot of ingredients. much love

    1. I make strong hot tea. So 6 teaspoons of tea for a pot of tea (you know the white teapot I have with the pink and blue flowers?) Fill it up. Brew. Pour it into a waiting container. Pour more water in over the wet leaves. Brew. Pour it into the container. I let the container sit until it reaches room temperature and help it along with a couple of cups of water to dilute it a bit. Then I refrigerate. easy peasy.


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