Christmas Season is Over...

So the Christmas season is over.... (12 Days of Christmas and all that...)

And so is Epiphany and we're into the Ordinary Time before Lent (for those who keep track of the liturgical seasons) ...

My Christmas decorations are packed away. The tree is awaiting my husband's assistance to take down this weekend.

But the nativity scene?

Still up.

For some reason, I'm not ready to put this simple display away. It's old and belonged to my husband's family.

It's suffered a few chips as they're simple plaster figures ...

and Mary is awfully white and blonde ...

but every time I look at it, I remember Him.

So I think it'll stay up until Lent and then turn my focus toward Jesus' final walk to Jerusalem. I haven't picked out my Lenten study yet. There's a short list (surprisingly short!).

And I've just realized: I bought a little nativity figure at the Christkindl Markt in Munich in 2010. What safe place did I put it in? If definitely can't get put away yet!

Yay! Found it. It's with the rest of the nativity scene now. It's a bit bigger...


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