Friday's 7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

I didn't do the 7 Takes last week 'cause the week got away from me. And my plan to update the blog post as I went along? Didn't happen. Maybe tracking God's gifts/blessings and finding something brief to write about is a bit much. But hey, we'll see.

--- 2 ---

Part of my morning practice is to "do" morning prayer. I use the Daily Office from Mission St. Clare currently (I use the iPhone app while catching the bus to work), although I'm sensing it's getting close to time to switch back to using "Lauds and Vespers" (from the Camaldolese monks) because I'm starting to miss chanting...

Anywho, last week, one of the psalms set for the morning was Psalm 6.

6 I grow weary because of my groaning; *
every night I drench my bed
and flood my couch with tears.
7 My eyes are wasted with grief *
and worn away because of all my enemies.
8 Depart from me, all evildoers, *
for the LORD has heard the sound of my weeping.
9 The LORD has heard my supplication; *
the LORD accepts my prayer.

The thought came to me that those enemies are our own griefs, our own wrongs, that we allow to hang onto us and inhabit us until we groan and sob tears. Thank God for God helping us out of our messes. Or at least God would, if we'd stop and listen for God.

--- 3 ---

Yes, that last sentence was me trying to be gender-neutral. God is infinite and unknowable so why would God be a gender, when "male and female, God created them?" Just sayin'.

--- 4 ---

My MacBook Pro's autocorrect doesn't like it when I use slang or make a verb out of a noun. Such a stickler for correctness. But it isn't at the point. Of being able to correct. Broken sentences.

--- 5 ---

Since Tim Tebow's "316" playoff win (yeah, I didn't watch it either, but you can't help hearing about it on the internet), I'm wondering if the best time to post something about God is at 3:16. AM or PM, take your pick. ;)

I am surely not the first person to have thought that. Right?

--- 6 ---

Why does the garden always get away from us? Well, okay, I know why. It's because around about August/early September, we get tired of keeping it up. So it is full of dandelions and unwanted grass and... *sigh*

However, we did get to use our homemade compost for the first time in transplanting a rose tree, so that's a plus!

--- 7 ---

The Bible in a Year challenge at my church is going well. Well, at least for me. Finished Genesis and am into Exodus. What I need to do is take the "what the--?" notes I'm making and look up those verses to figure out what's going on there...

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