Monday's Joy Dare

It was more difficult to find gifts this week.

By Thursday (gift #26), I was full of post ideas for this blog and one post in particular I struggled with. (It's still not ready to go live.) By Friday evening, I couldn't recount a single gift from that day. Then I sat down and forced myself to look back on the day, and remembered the moments God was with me amongst my day's irritations and frustrations.

Here's the list for the week:

16. leaving my appointment with my spiritual director feeling refreshed and energized
17. the salty smell of the sea

18. a toddler on the bus discovering touch: the soft of chenille, the smooth of leather, the cold of metal post, the warmth of mother's skin
19. paying attention to my hubby over a long distance phone call
20. deep breath of early morning blue sky air
21. Fran McKendree's "The Spirit of the Lord Is Here" running through my head
22. a gift that's sour: skunks in the backyard - walking the dogs in the cold under a full(ish) moon

Skunk evidence: new bedding for their den under our back patio
23. waking up with the thought 'Today is the day You have made. I will rejoice and be glad in it."
24. Icelandic poppies

25. Husband coming home from his trip early.
26. little balls of fluff from my chenille coat float in the air in front of me (my coat is shedding!)
27. Nutella gelato shake from Chuao's
28. discovering back up pair of jeans with a big hole in them.
29. crow at the very top of a pine tree squawking at me.
30. heavy yellow moon hanging low
31. pups huffing in excitement (is it because I'm home or is it dinner time?)
32. chewy baguette
33. painting outside in the warm sunshine
34. grabbing the chance to meditate (reciting the Jesus Prayer) while waiting in doc's exam room
35. gray skies
36. dog quite settled in on my lap
37. a misplaced wallet found
38. "oohing to music sung in church
39. praying for anger to leave me

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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