Monday's Where's God is Now Joy Dare Day

Yeah, I know know. I just got started back doing the "Where's God?" journal, but Ann Voskamp has challenged her readers to a Joy Dare, and having almost finished her amazing book (at the time, I've since finished it), I have signed on. Writing down 1,000 gifts from God by December 31st, which is at least three gifts a day.

There's not enough room on a page to fit that many ... so I might use the "Where's God?" for pictures, prayers, journaling about this Joy Dare journey.

As I mentioned in Friday's post, I usually do 5-7 "Where's God?" moments a week. So this is a big challenge!

So, incidentally, is math. I put down in my goals that I wanted to lose 25 lbs. Well, I do, eventually. Plus, I apparently can't do math, or don't remember numbers or something. But I'm supposed to set achievable goals, so the next step for me is to lose 15 lbs. So have revised to achieve!

Here is the journal page I was working on when the Joy Dare challenge started:

I filled out the space with some stamps to match the pretty tape on the side.

On to the Joy Dare: here are gifts I've written down as I have to start from #1. I'm using Ann's 1000Gifts iPhone app to snap a few pictures too.
  1. almost finished reading "1000 Gifts" and already want to read it again, to feel it seep deeper into my bones.
  2. dark green Italian fir trees reflecting the orange light of sunset.
  3. realization I'm gonna have to write smaller in my "Where's God?" journal to include 3 graces a day. [Note: have changed my mind since initially writing it]
  4. skirt swooshing around ankles.
  5. Skirt swooshing (sort of. Hard to swoosh and take a picture at the same time) on my front walkway,
    and why yes, that is lint from the dryer ...
  6. being complimented on my cap and outfit by a stranger on the bus.
  7. silly conversation and laughter
  8. smashing my finger while trying to get new printer to work with my computer
  9. Husband opening shampoo bottles that I couldn't.
  10. Amish mistakes
  11. freely forgiven
  12. ordination sermon: "be the light; see the light (stay, pray, the light will come); lighten up!"
  13. spirit-filled ordination
  14. today's music and worship
  15. "with these hands": how we bless in so many different ways with them (sermon)
  16. the creche that is still up, even though the other Christmas decorations are packed away

Here is the journal I've picked to write these in: small enough to carry in my purse, leave on desk, counter, etc, where I will think to write the gifts down.  It's also cool in that the cover keeps the pen inside the notebook.  It has a boring black cover, so I may do something to the front of it.

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


  1. new journals are the best! Love your list, can't wait to see all that is in store for us :)


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