Saint for the Year

Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary put together a Saints Name Generator and encouraged her readers to choose a saint for 2012. It's a very Catholic thing, but we have saints (and holy men and women) in the Episcopal Church, so I gave it a whirl.

Even though I'm a computer science grad and know how these things work.... I am impressed.

The result: Blessed John of Parma.

(This is St. Francis in Mt. Calvary's garden. I couldn't find a pic of Blessed John of Parma)

So he's not a saint yet so he hasn't been assigned a list of what he's a patron of, but reading his biography, he could be a patron of silence (which is one of my 2012 goals!) and of knowing when to say the right words, something that I'm going to need in the coming year as my blog takes a bit of a turn in the hope I can reach the "don't wanna be reached".

I look forward to reading more about him and learning from him.


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