What this Blog Reboot Is About...

So I kind of got started, so in case you were wondering why the change, read on...

My goal for this blog is to create the beginnings of a community of those who have either once thought they are not worthy of God, or who still think it.  (And if God isn't your bailiwick, your thing, that's okay too. I hope my story, this new-maybe community, will help regardless.)

One way to get the ball rolling is to share my story. My story is about discovering that I am beloved of God after all, no matter how unworthy I feel about that honor because of my past actions. I figure there are others out there who don't think they are worthy of belonging, being loved by God, others who might need to hear this and be heard themselves.

(Now if you need help in dealing with whatever is blocking you from feeling worthy, seek professional help: a psychologist, a therapist, or other qualified person. I have not the skills nor the qualifications, and my prayer is for you to be healed not to harm you with well-meaning advice.)

I hope you will share your journeys here, and together we can draw closer to God.

It hasn't been a simple or easy decision because talking like this, opening up, is a vulnerability, but the various voices that I pay attention to (stop freaking out, they belong to real people like my spiritual director, those I work with, favorite bloggers, and others (and God, YMMV*)) have indicated that this is something to try.

I'll continue posting about what I create in crafts and art for two reasons:
  • it's the original reason I started this blog after all: to connect with the women I met at Silver Bella '09 and to show my Mum what I made. *grin*
  • I express my faith journey now not just in words but in images since I learnt how to draw and paint (thanks, Suzi Blu)
This is the current planned posting schedule (we'll see how it evolves!):
  • Mondays: lists of blessings for the Joy Dare challenge
  • Tuesdays: occasional art posts, more often faith journey posts
  • Wednesdays/Thursdays: responses to Ann Voskamp's "walk with Him Wednesdays"
  • Fridays: response to "7 Quick Takes" 
Do you believe you're beloved by God? Or not? Or don't care?

* YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary


  1. i can't wait
    to follow you
    on this journey,
    leanne. i am
    currently reading
    luke. one chapter
    a day. it has
    been a long time
    since i've been
    consistent in daily
    reading of
    God's Word, so i
    am hopeful 2012 will
    bring some much
    needed "rebooting"
    to my heart.

    1. Oh -- Blogger has threaded comments!! (maybe, I dunno, it's allowing me to Reply to a comment for the first time ever, so we'll see how we go.

      Sorry, geek-out moment there, it happens. Good luck with reading the word. Luke is one of my favorite Gospels (although I think the Gospels may be like children, they're all my favorites in different ways).

      Blessings on your journey through the Gospel!

  2. A great focus for the new year Leanne.

    I do believe I'm loved by God.
    He gave me life.
    He made me in His image and likeness.
    He has my best interests at heart.
    He gave me 'free will'.
    He carved my name in the palm of his hand.
    I know that I am loved.

    I respond by loving God with all my heart, and soul and mind.
    He is my being, my beginning and my end.


  3. Thank you, Shane, for answering my question. You put it zoo beautifully.


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