Joy Dare Monday: I reached 100!

Continuing the list...

82. finding my iPhone (it took 5 calls to it to track it down)
83. seagull soaring, curve of wing
84. Sunday's anthem running through my head: "God Will Supply"
85. finding Tim Tams @ Target
86. a half moon so high and far away
87. a dog that needs a haircut (and looks so goofy)

88. finally caught up in the Bible in a Year challenge and finished Exodus
89. world exhaling vapor into crisp, fresh morning air
90. boss in a ridiculous lightweight mood
91. writing my first letter to the child I'm sponsoring

92. a sung prayer, coming back again and again throughout the day. "To You."
(you can hear a preview of the song here at CDBaby)

93. husband safely home
94. singing with my voice
95. first lesson in being taught how to use the camera off the auto setting
96. the evening star so bright

97. conversations on Christianne's blog (aka she mentioned me in a blog post)

98. words I needed to hear
99. enjoying time spent at a post-ordination party (and packing brownies)
100. whoo hoo! 100 gifts noted!
101. baked beans on toast
102. neighbor's lumpia
103. inspiring magazine

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


  1. What a relief to find your missing phone! What a sweet pup! :) A wonderful gift to have your husband safely home. I love inspiring magazines too! Great list!


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