Joy Dare Monday...

Weirdly, it's made a difference this week to pray: "Thy will be done, not mine..." I've been a lot less anxious or triggered. Not completely, but getting there. 

This and giving thanks is a process. My post-EfM group is reading Ann Voskamp's "One Thousand Gifts" so I found some questions from Zondervan online and am going through them to prepare. It's made me think more about Ann's writing ... but my hubby's reading it, so I'll have to wait :)

This past week's gifts...

160. chance to work on art
161. another wee patch of weeds cleared
162. my three "boys' snoozing on the couch with me

163. feeling overwhelmed at work
164. warm sun, traffic noise
165. bratwurst, swabian-style
166. shade
167. ashes
168. bread and butter
169. nutella shake ... smooth
170. beautiful shadings on blogs
171. sharp sliver smile moon

172. loads of wisteria blooms
173. golden rays between 2 grey cloud banks
174. misunderstandings smoothed
175. side yard weeded
176. garden plans made
177. feeling like I could create a secret garden...

178. purple lupine growing on the side of the highway despite construction
179. being in good voice today
180.  finished reading Numbers (Bible in a Year challenge)

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


  1. I love your photo at the top - beautiful!

  2. Your photos and words are beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my Blog and your comments on my video tutorial with the Stabilo woody pencils. Yes; I am using white Gesso with the pencils. I haven't tried this with watercolor pencils but would think it would be a similar effect.

    Best always............Marilyn

  3. I love both wisteria and purple lupine. It will be several months before they come to our mountains. Thank you for sharing your list this morning....I'm on the Joy Dare with you!


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