Joy Dare Monday ... Lenten Awareness

Work has been really busy and if it wasn't for the book I'm reading for Lent, I'd forget it was even Lent! ... no, that's not true. I've spent much of the week working on Holy Week for church (which is where I work), which has included some creative work that I am grateful for.

Some interesting discoveries this week, or re-discoveries in a couple of cases. Plenty of things to be grateful for. I guess part of this counting of 1,000 gifts is the remembering, the relearning.

My lessons this past week seem to be surrounding pride, and letting go of the outcome and accepting of something new that's been tried has failed.

181. getting home before it rains
182. heating
183. pound cake and lemon curd
184. hubby wearing headphones while playing SimCity so I wouldn't be disturbed
185. on the road to rediscovering being present with Jesus
186. deep royal blue of twilight
187. the planets (Venus, Jupiter) lining up under the moon
188. new growth on bushes
189. unexpected lunch
190. girl scout cookies
191. finding out the name of my Jehovah's Witness lady ('cause I'd forgotten)
192. dandling a baby to calm me after the staff meeting
193. moonlit cloud
194. short day @ work
195. burst of warm sun when I emerged from deli with my breakfast
196. hard midnight conversations
197. heat of sun
198. sick puppy
199. playing with liturgy
200. relaxing
201. the knowledge I don't sacrifice enough

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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