Joy Dare Monday

I am thinking about using Ann's prompts next month. From what I read last Monday from various people's posts, some were wondering if using the prompts meant they couldn't share other gifts, and others found it difficult. I think that maybe looking at the prompts might open my eyes to additional ways to give thanks that I haven't seen yet. We'll see!

237. having time to read about everybody else's gifts
238. hearing rain throughout the night, so soothing and alive
239. dog woofing in his sleep
240. sunshine
241. warm blankets
242. a dog that hogs the warm blanket
243. gift of healing
244. refrigerator door handle
245. dogs sunning themselves

246. spending a good chunk of the day thinking and writing about God
247. pink hawthorn bushes blooming
248. being able to sing fairly well (am still congested)
249. dog's arthritic leg
250. silliness at work
251. first poppy
252. husband making dinner
253. "snot" in choir
254. grateful for choices
255. rain (even if it did knock down the first poppy)

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


  1. i am visiting from the 1000 gifts link up at ann's blog. i am the post right after yours. i like your list - sounds like things are starting to bloom where you are at! your dogs are very cute as well. i don't use her monthly lists, but have also thought it would be fun to incorporate them!

    my recent post: a little bit of real life (and my 37.5 week maternity pics!)


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