Praying through Art

I am enjoying my Suzi Blu class "A Lovely Dream" and green seems to have  become a theme. For growth, perhaps? Anyway, I thought I would share a couple of pages.

We were asked to do self portraits in two different ways. I still think this page is too green, but it's okay.

What I wrote in watercolor pencil and then washed over was this:
God, I need to remember your love. I bow my head and pray for the constant reminder of your presence ... 
I will praise and lift up my head to receive your boundless, infinite love, your grace, mercy and forgiveness. I give You thanks.

Yeah, there was a bit I wrote that got washed almost completely out and I don't remember the prayer any more although I'm surmising from the bit I can read it has something to do with seeing God in others "for we are all God's..."


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