God's Stories: After Holy Week

I usually start collecting a month's worth of blog posts to share, but only the first two come outside of Holy Week this week.
  • in rather neat parallel to my post yesterday on the second line of the St. Francis prayer, this guest post by Fr. Christian over at Elizabeth Esther concludes: "Being a Christian means we must be committed to love. Love sometimes calls us to be prophetic witnesses to the truth when it is unpopular to do so. It never calls us to slander another person, and it never calls us to hate."  The post is less about Catholic institutions offering contraception and more about how Christians should behave when talking about difficult, polarizing issues. I don't agree with this particular Catholic position, by the way, but Elizabeth Esther provided a nice exchange of the "two sides".
  • I found Elizabeth Esther via Rachel Held Evans, whose book I have but haven't read yet and I'm already looking forward to her second book. I didn't even realized she blogged. Yes, sometimes I live in a cave.
  • Rachel Held Evans writes about the Women of the Passion
  • Christianne writes about the difficulty of staying present to Holy Week.
  • And this gobsmackingly beautiful chanted Passion (according to the Gospel of Mark) from the Trinity Choir at Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church. No music, just text, one rehearsal. I was almost in tears as the chorister who played the part of Jesus sang: "Take, eat, this is my body." [Link is to the blog post with more details on the singing, plus video]

And that's a good place to leave it. (The video is about 40 minutes long. But worth it.)


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