Joy Dare Monday: after Holy Week and Easter

Having counted almost 300 gifts from my own perspective, I decided to make a small change and start following Ann Voskamp's monthly suggestions in addition to my own.

279. no messes in the kitchen this morning
280. barium poop (means no obstruction in dog's intestines)
281. [three gifts white] white shirt found at thrift shop

[three gifts surprisingly found]
282. baby spit up
283. Little Debbie oatmeal cookies (yuk!)
284. a bouncy dog

285. [three gifts in His Word] Saul, who hates David, forgives him

286. rehearsing Easter Vigil and getting to play the part of the fire
287. rehearsing with the Newman Center choir for our combined Good Friday service
288. carpet of closed yellow daisy like flowers
289. hot pinks of annuals
290. poppies and nigella flowering!

Papaver poppies
291. heart-shaped rosebush

292. bread and wine (body and blood) entombed in earth
293. "Take my body" chanted during Passion at Trinity Wall Street (it's about a quarter of the way through)
294. finally finding the blessed book lights for Vigil
295. 2 cats (not ours) in our raised garden bed (hummingbird squawking at them, our dogs oblivious)

296. a waft of white smoke from altar candle to cross
297. rose petals scattered on altar

[three gifts waited for]
298. cold green tea (homemade)
299. hot cross buns
300. finally able to say "Alleluia" again

301. darkened church with just candelabra behind the altar while Revbecca chanted the Exsultet

[3 gifts rising up]
302. "Alleluia! He is risen indeed!"
303. the freedom of Christ (from Sunday's sermon: 4/8/12 -- hopefully online soon)
304. champagne bubbles

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


  1. What a pretty blog you have. I love your list and the heart shaped rose bush!

    1. Thanks Tereasa! I usually see the rose bush from our driveway, but I was taking photos of the poppies, turned, and there it was!

  2. we are neighbors at Ann' your spit-up...there is counting for you:) blessings~

    1. Hi ells. And not my baby even. She is a little one that comes to our staff meetings.


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