Morning Quiet Time

Coming back from Mt. Calvary has given me this desire to take the morning quiet time that I spend up there, before Lauds, and do that here, at home.

My morning quiet time there basically consists of making myself a cup of tea and going outside on the patio and listening and watching the world wake up.

So today, I took myself outside with a cup of tea to our back patio, sat down. I listened for a while to the birds and traffic and then started reading morning prayer, the latter really should've been a separate activity, but oh well. "Should haves" is good girl jargon.

And then this happened:

"Puppy!" was the wail as I tried not to spill my tea onto my iPhone or me or him, as he jumped into my lap.

Note the dog in the far distance at the back door. He really only likes to come out when it's sunny.


  1. What a cute post!

    I'm so loving that you've decided to start this practice -- bringing the monastery home with you. And that thought of you sitting outside on the patio in the quiet, watching and listening to the world wake up ... it makes me wonder what kind of prayers might emerge from those moments.


    1. I'll let you know :) I have a late start to work tomorrow, so intend to try again -- this time with quiet presence with God and morning prayer (from the Daily Office) as two separate events.

  2. My cats do the same thing whenever I'm reading the Office in my "quiet time chair" at home. I have to hold the Office book at arm's length and read *around* the large cat perched in my lap. Usually Roxy but sometimes Sugar. Sometimes they just curl up in my lap and purr, so it's semi-doable. Sometimes they sit up and head-butt and knead.

    1. Well, the good thing is he sits still once he's up there. No wriggling around, but he does expect to be patted -- which I did with the back of my hand holding the iPhone! Curled up, purring cats sounds pretty blissful, particularly on a cold day!


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