St. Francis and the Amazing Shrinking Machine

I have been using this picture (to the right) for the Prayer of St. Francis series running on Fridays. (To read other posts in the Prayer of St. Francis series so far, click here.) So when I visited this particular statue last week it struck me again how small he is. I have gotten used to seeing him in close up, but he's really a tiny statue on the grounds of St. Mary's Retreat House, maybe a couple of feet high.

For some reason I have a great fondness for this saint statue. I think it's perhaps the eyes and the way his hand is held out.

When I go for a walk in the gardens, I like to stop by and see how he's doing. Dirt has settled into various crevices but he has this marvelously expressive face.

So I thought I would share some more photos to put him in perspective for you.

Have you ever experienced things that are smaller -- or  bigger -- than you remember?


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