The 1000 Moms project... my letter of thanks

Or as we say down under "Mums"...

1000 Moms Project


I twittered already with:

thank you, Mum, for showing what it is to love #1000gifts #moms

But thank you also for:

  • finding shirts at your Op Shop, one of which is marked small and yet miraculously fits
  • for sharing with me your love of nature and pretty things (and champagne taste on a beer budget!)
  • for letting one of us kids take the last piece of cake /  shrimp / whatever was on the table
  • for letting us make our mistakes and still loving us
  • for letting me move overseas even though that must've crushed you to see your only daughter go
  • for being the family communicator
  • for being a Mum to whomever needed it at the time
  • for showing what it is like to serve God
  • for accepting those phone calls: "Mum, I'm using Nana's cookbook. What's a gill of milk?" and having patience with basic cooking questions
  • for ironing so I don't have to
  • for loving me even though you were 48 hours in labor with me!
Your Favourite (and Only) Daughter,

I wrote another post for the 1000 Moms Project, but I figured adding it to her list would be technically cheating. It's called  "The Way to Enough". I hope you have time to read it too.

Want to join in the 1000 Moms Project at Ann Voskamp's A Holy Experience?

If you do, and share on Twitter (using the hash tags listed in the link below), the Facebook Gratitude Page or your blog (and link to this page), A Holy Experience will honor your Mum by giving a much-needed gift to a Mom and baby in Haiti. And if there are 1,000 Moms thanked, A Holy Experience will sponsor a Maternity/Child Survival Center in Haiti for a whole year.

1000 Moms Project


  1. Loved your list today!!! I especially liked the one about being a Mum to whomever needed one at the time. You know, that is one special gift that no one ever thinks about. My mom died when I was eight, and there were a few who just took me in under their feathers. I think it came so naturally to them that they never even thought about what they were doing. Sounds like your Mum is one precious person! Thanks for sharing your list here. I'm so glad I stopped by from Ann's!


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