Joy Dare Monday... another interesting week

(re-posting after edits -- I left out the photos!)

Would that there were time to write something meaningful about the past week, but let's just say the theme ended up being discernment and leave it there for now. Besides, I've developed a headache from too much sun this afternoon, I think.

431. cool morning
432. air conditioning
433. the beautiful music from the TV Show "Smash"
434. new green maple leaves
435. booking tickets home
436. horchata (Mexican milk and rice milk drink with cinnamon)
437. camaraderie over breakfast
438. finches
439. great high school orchestra performance
440. peristalsis
441. a decision to be made.
442. Chuao's
443. discerning conversation
444. day out of joint, discombobulated
445.  the heart break of The Scottsboro Boys
446. strolling through Balboa Park

(yes, we go to beautiful Balboa Park and I take a photo of mustard "weed"....
447. family together, cleaning out garage
448. bringing crazy stuff home from garage clean out (happy coats, girlish locks of my mother-in-law's hair, hubby's Lionel train set and, sadly more...)

Alas, this is not all of it
449. words from my solo at church today: "Bring a glimmer of the depth of God's will. Bring understanding. "God's plan be fulfilled." (from "Holy Spirit Come" by Manibusan)
450. ocean breeze
451. dinner with EfM friends.

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


  1. Beautiful place you have here! Lovely gifts shared. I am such a lover of perusing others garage sales etc. Your link caught my eye! My gram used to say one man's junk is another's treasure! Happy Monday!

  2. Thanks for coming by! Yeah, this was a bit like a free garage sale, mixed in with a bit of Hazmat unit. I think the collection of old chemicals was the biggest haul and we still have the wall of garden chemicals to go through. We're saving that fun for another weekend...

  3. Leanne...what a lovely list. Thank you for stopping by Our Adventure with Boys!


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