Joy Dare Monday... finding it hard...

I don't know if it's the sinus headaches (thanks SoCal weather!) or what, but I kept forgetting to look for God's gifts this week. So the list is a bit short.

Also, these purple poppies are all done. The seed heads are huge...

393. sleeping in
394. delayed doctor's appointment
395. 1000 Moms Project

396. heart-shaped buds
397. wriggly baby
398. wearing clothes from home
399. answered prayer
400. birdsog
401. crystalline water ruffled by breeze
402. far off butterfly
403. space in the day
404. cool evening breeze
405. realization of a conversation
406. six consistent days of logging food and exercise
407. British goodies
408. moisturizer that works
409. punching holes in signatures
410. hubby safe to his destination
411. carnations.

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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