Joy Dare: the secret I've been holding...

Over the past few weeks, I've been writing down gifts that I've had to be a bit obscure about. I have been waiting for my church's official announcement so I could go public. It went out in an email on Friday and was announced on Sunday, so now I can share what's been going on.

At the end of the month, I leave my job as Communications Director (part-time) at my church.

For a bunch of reasons, but the two major ones are this: the job outgrew my skill set (my church needs someone to take them to the "next level"); and God has been calling me to something new and I needed to sit in the pews to answer that call. This new call started last October, during a retreat, and I partially answered it by refocusing my blog, but I always knew God wanted me to do something more.

And, basically, both my boss and I discerned that I had to clear the decks to answer that call: to ask, to listen, to obey. I know I am incredibly privileged to not have to work and be able to spend this time in discernment. (We shall see how soon I go stir crazy.)

So I thought I would re-share some of those earlier gifts, as they now make more sense to the casual reader.

May 24, #441. a decision to be made
May 25, #443. discerning conversation
#444. day out of joint, discombobulated
May 27, #449. words from my solo: "Bring a glimmer of the depth of God's will. Bring understanding, God's plan be fulfilled." (from the song "Holy Spirit, Come" by Jesse Manibusan)
May 29, #456. decision made
June 1, #464. a decision told (to staff)
June 6, #480. comments at "chatting at the sky" post on introverts - what a God-gift.
#483. putting together a playlist that expresses all I feel (will be sharing this later in the week).
#484. "and I live and I breathe for an audience of one" ("This Journey is My Own", Sara Groves)
June 8, #489. so many blog posts today reminding me that God is always with me.

and that brings us to this week, starting June 18:

522. a cup of Sunday quiet
523. finally getting the hand washing done
524. art
525. Ann Voskamp's beautiful video - a reminder of the gifts
526. seeing the ride home through a camera lens (which I had left at work!)
527. a sharpie hiding blue thread
528. a river in Egypt (I am not the one in denial! but it was funny...)
529. gentle breeze
530. taking photos to remember

new fern fronds being birthed out of old, dying fern

531. laughing over Aussie political comedy
532. someone hired to hold the fort
533. laughs and dancing at choir practice
534. sleeping in (a whole half an hour!)
535. unearthing "treasures"
536. resuming Tai Chi classes
537. lazy morning
538. bouncy dogs
539. grilled shrimp
540. golden madonna in afternoon light

541. crescent moon above marine layer
542. cool white sleeveless top
543. having a blast at worship

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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