My First Full Tilt Boogie Journal

This is my first Full Tilt Boogie journal, a class I'm taking from Mary Ann Moss.

Being not quite ready to cut apart a vintage photo album, I cut apart a book Mum had passed along from a friend. "Great Thoughts from Master Minds". I thought this was a perfect title for my journal. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get the binding to not cover "Great" so it's "At Thoughts..."

The "tapes" are velvet brown corduroy with green velvet on top. The center ribbon is some moss greenish grosgrain (I think it is called).

The binding wasn't as tight as I hoped and I found one was really really loose, so I made this dangle and twisted the cord around it until it was tight...

The saint's medal is of St. Philomena (who is supposed to be an early martyr but this has apparently been debunked)

Some pages inside....

possibly my favorite signature...
I am in my last signature of the art journal I learned out to make in Suzi's "A Lovely Dream" class, which will probably get me through to the end of the year.

I plan to use this journal to document my taking part in the "Inner Excavate Along" with Lisa Lamoreaux, which I will start on next week (being only a week behind in it). She's doing this for free on her blog.


  1. Your book is beautiful, Leanne. Very clever of you to pull the loose stitch tight with a twist. The pages look great too. I hope you'll post pictures of the pages as you work on them. I'd love to see the journal as it progresses

  2. wow great book Lar,Maree would be impressed. Loved the pages hope you bring it home with you.much love3

  3. The "remains of the Day" page style look great in your FTB book, and I love how you used your St. Philomena medal to help solve your loose bindidng problem. Terrific Journal you made!

  4. Ohhhh.....jealous here! Haven't actually had time to finish one! Thanks for letting us peek!

  5. Awesome! I love all the fun papers used.

  6. Love your FTB journal. Great job!!

  7. Leanne, Beautiful ftb journal! I Couldn't even tell it wasn't an album until you pointed out. Gotta get back to mine...wanted to take it on a road trip so must be inspired by you and get busy;) Gina C. (there are 2 ginas commenting..I'm the less experienced AJ person without a blog)


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