How to Make Room for God, Pt. 2

Since I wrote that "Sabbatical Daily Schedule" (which was a couple of weeks ago as I started to get anxious about what exactly I would be doing in my soon-to-be copious spare time, but posted about last week, see link below), the bloggers I read have touched on this subject.

In sort of the order I found them:

  • Christianne Squires over at Still Forming has been blogging a whole series on Living a Rhythmed Life which I have been thoroughly enjoying;
  • and then, just as I was wondering if I needed to totally redo my schedule, or just declare them guidelines for when I drift toward distractions instead of intentions, along comes Jennifer Lee at Getting Down with Jesus with her beautiful post and images on "...The Truth About Our Plans"
  • which got me to finally articulate in writing what I'd been sharing in a few conversations here and there in "How To Make Time for God"
And the blog posts just kept coming, even after I'd written the post (if not quite posted it) ...
And here are other blog posts of note this past month:
What are some good blog posts you've read lately?


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