Inner Excavation: Week 3

I am now two weeks behind the rest of the class, and working on week 3 may end up taking me a little bit longer as I haven't started the mixed media piece yet, but that's okay.

I thought I would share some photos from the ground (one of the exercises) and the poem notes that I wrote (another of the exercises).

You can follow along at your own pace, for free, at Lisa Lamoreux's blog.

It's been a long while since I've written poetry, so it's been fun doing this read-along and getting back to it. I hope to do more.

"4th July"
scorched blue sky
seared skin
solo anthem in silence
bbq corn
baby blue band

"in this moment"
menacing music
soap dramatic
warm sofa
scent of dog medicine and pee
rested, retired
lazy scribbling

"color of morning"
caramel and spices
orange syrup dripping
glow of tiny screen

earl grey tea
reading anything
sweeps of color
rustling leaves
warm arms holding me close
clean air
caramel and chocolate
salty salty chips
spaghetti bolognese
airy cotton
holy, thin places
natural beauty
eucalyptus scent
smell of home

(this one's my favorite)


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