How We Can Be a Hero Like Katniss...

On Tuesday, I shared why I thought Katniss was a hero. Remember, Katniss is not perfect because of her heroism. She has many faults and failings.

But she sees worth in the human life around her.

At the end of that post, I asked the question: how do we show that we too see worth in human life?

By acknowledging the dignity of another human being.

  1. Smile at someone, or say a kind word (or both). And not just to someone who looks like you, or who reminds you of someone you care for, but someone who is a bit different from you, who might make you uncomfortable? It could be somebody homeless, for example, just a smile to say "I see you."
  2. Support a local orphanage or foster program by participating in fundraising or visiting them if they allow guests.
  3. Sponsor a child through World Vision or some other program and do more than just send money. Write to them and let them know you care.
  4. Listen to somebody. It could be a friend, a co-worker, an acquaintance. Someone who doesn't hold the same opinions as you.  Listen, really listen. It's not about proving who is right or wrong, or winning the argument, it's finding the worth, the commonality, in the other.  Suggestions: have lunch with your enemy" or play Frisbee with them.
  5. Help somebody. Become a volunteer at a senior center, at a food bank, a homeless program, become a tutor. Surely giving up one of our most precious resources, time, is a powerful way to show that you see worth in a human life other than your own. (I will be honest, this one's on my to-do list.)
  6. Speak up. It can be difficult to see, it can be harder to say, but when somebody displays that they don't think human life is worth anything, don't let it slide. Issues like human trafficking, non-legal immigrants, slave labor, inequality through difference, bullying are just some of the places we need to speak up; whether it is in our circles, or in a wider context.
  7. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Why is it more important that we have more than we need when other have nothing and live in trash heaps? Where do our resources come from? From whom are we taking those resources?
Oh and Rachel Held Evans did a repost of her "How to Follow Jesus...Without Being Shane Claiborne" that has more ideas.

Pick one, pick three (it's a nice Trinity number!) and see how one small act can make a difference.

Got any others?

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  1. I agree that these are all fantastic things to do (especially in our attempts to be more Christlike), and I absolutely see "The Hunger Games" as an example of the devaluing of human life, but I'm not sure I'd call any of these actions heroic. This list seems more like the Ten Commandments: they should be minimum requirements, not ultimate goals.

  2. Hi Lindsay, thanks for your thoughts. These are examples of how we can show worth in human life, which was the heroic quality in Katniss. If you have additional suggestions, I'd love to hear them.


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