Joy Dare Monday

It's been an interesting week ... one where I realized that I'd replaced the busyness of work with another kind of busyness and I haven't been doing as much intentional listening for discernment. Thank goodness I am still able to see the other ways God is working in my world, like these gifts.

banner in Sunday School classroom @ St. Peter's.

715. the gift of light
716. rediscovering old CDs
717. 2nd shower of the day, so cooling
718. ants chowing down on a tomato
719. art as envisioned (so far anyway -- it's the background)
720. prayer answered: I double-booked, resigned myself to missing the other because this was a reschedule, and I just got called to re-schedule!
721. red sunset cloud wisps
722. a cool morning
723. cooler than expected day
724. reading encouragement to be a lighthouse and not hide my light
725. Chuao's with former work buddies
726. misunderstanding Dan and figuring it out half an hour later -- and we both laughed about it
727. learned how to use a caulking gun
728. a breeze on a 90+ degree day
729. giggling helplessly when Dan's chair squeaks while we watch "Hope Springs"
730. chanting in the cathedral chapel
731. breeze cooling down the heat outside
732. refrigerated water
733. not having to cook today
734. seems to be cooling off
735. holding hands on the couch

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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