Joy Dare Monday

The list is a little shorter this week. There were a couple of days of just two things instead of three, but I'm finding I'm not writing them all down for some reason. Probably because the little note book doesn't go everywhere with me and so when I remember something, it's usually a few days later... Usually when I'm looking at photos.

Went to the zoo last Wednesday and find that I really enjoy watching the flamingoes. It's partly because  I've been watching a wee one grow into an adult (over three trips in two months thus far) ... although I have no idea which one of the fledgelings is the wee one I spotted that first time.

736. seeing a transformed palm tree (might actually be a tree fern)
737. one orange pigeon amongst a flock of grey ones
738. waking up to marine layer (finally!)
739. cloud cover lasting until home from grocery shop
740. imagining what it would be like to be the Samaritan woman at the well listening to Philip share the good news (in Acts)
741. neat quote by Frederick Bueckner

742. I "survived" the Titanic
743. sanctuary

Fern Canyon walk at the zoo
744. overtired and hurting
745. flamingos

746. getting out of the house (not letting "blah"ness stop me, see #744)
747. misty sprinkles
748. pink and purple bark

749. cool day. weather change!
750. a bottle of win unearthed to share tentatively with friends that turned out to be most excellent (instead of vinegar)
751. making my own storage drawers
752. getting sticky
753. having fun making southwestern egg rolls (instead of getting growly and impatient)
754. dog curled up asleep
755. dog in lap
756. "life's a happy song" - watching "The Muppets" with friends.

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


  1. i love watching birds... senegal fire finches are my favorite... have never spent time watching flamingos!

    loved this one: "having fun making sw eg rolls (instead of getting growly and impatient) - i can relate because my kids love it when i make spring rolls. yummy, but so much work.

    thanks for visiting today!


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