A Happy Distraction... a new journal

I had planned today to create this journal. The morning was a bit of an emotional roller coaster after a night of little to no sleep. I also had a couple of church tasks to do ...

And then I thought to myself: making this journal will make you feel better.

And it did.


It started out looking like this (on the bottom):

And here's the end result:

 The cover was a bit too threadbare (don't you love how worn and beaten-up it is?) So I ran some beaded ribbon down the side where it was the worst (you can still see a wee gap on the left), and there's some seam binding I'd picked up from somewhere that was just the right color ...

I used some red flocked paper for the end papers (and my white shirt is all over it.)

And re-used some of the album frames, which I filled with vintage wallpaper as a base. I'm finally using the good stuff that I treasure.

The other pages are watercolor paper, and this is going to be my art journal for the next four weeks as I embark on the Chickadee Studio Sessions.

Edited to add: oops! I forgot to say that I used one of the techniques taught by Mary Ann Moss in her Full Tilt Boogie class.

When you roll out of the wrong side of the bed what do you do to "reboot"?

(Editing to add again: I just realized I could add this to Claudia's "A Favorite Thing" blog party!)


  1. Wow Leanne, looks great! I can't wait to see what it looks like once you have used it as an art journal!

    From Cynthia, a fellow FTB craft monkey (who has not yet been brave enough to actually use one of her vintage photo albums but soon!!)

  2. How lovely this project is! You did a great job, Leanne. The touches you added make it a one-of-a-kind treasure.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  3. looks great! thanks for sharing-guess i really need to get one started one of these days.

  4. What a sweet creation! Love the cover and how you tweaked it.

  5. Love this idea! it looks wonderful.

    via MHC, favorite things--Pat

  6. I love your journal. My mom has one almost exactly like it, and it belonged to her parents. It contains photos of people we don't know, and they aren't labeled. :( But it's still a wonderful piece of history. Love what you did to yours.

  7. What a wonderful re-do! Looking forward to some glimpses of the pages after the studio sessions! :)

  8. Your journal is a lovely work of art.

  9. That's so beautiful, Leanne! What exacting work you did on it. I'd be afraid to tackle something so fragile and I admire your courage to do it. Lovely, lovely!


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