Joy Dare Monday: finding gifts during a hot week...

A week of record  hot temperatures here has made looking for gifts a little harder. It's difficult to get up the energy to look (or do anything, really).

800. carpenter bee
801. public transit woes
802. cool cloudy morning
803. not getting a chair at seniors yoga (I am not a senior!)
804. the space between breaths
805. dragonfly
806. For Ann, for Liz, for Jennifer and Jennifer: speaking to me (via their blogs) of story and not waiting for all the pieces
807. cooking breakfast with a friend
808. chat with Chris
809. being a choir robe mannequin
810. overcast  but sweaty
811. spicy chicken wings
812. cool air in the morning
813. lisianthus rebloomed

a bit wilty from the heat. More buds on it though!
814. red flock all over white shirt
815. early morning ant swarm in bathroom
816. chanting

817. man-cold (link to YouTube video of Brit TV skit. Trust me. Hilarious.)

818. cleaning up my art room
819. dog's big eyes looking up at me
820. updated computer doesn't like linqto chat room any more (thank goodness I still have my old laptop so I could join in the chat!)

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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