Joy Dare Monday:

757. pretty closing trope (sort of a refrain thingy at the end of Lauds)
758. art in the morning
759. mixing my own icon paint colors
760. choosing to stop and be on the back patio before the heat hit
761. and spotting a single spiderweb strand across the width of the backyard
762. and spotting clear skunk footprints on our patio deck
763. and, alas, running back and forth to find a functional camera to take pictures of the same
764. dogs sunning themselves while I read, and drink tea
765. smooth white ginger pear tea
766. a "Hairspray" worthy haircut and style (so I could see what to do when dressing up to go out or to church). Can I confess I sorta kinda liked it? (Although I'd never in a million years put that much work into my hair.)
767. a dress that fits (the last time I tried it on it was super-tight)
768. being able to sign up for new classes
769. dripping with sweat
770. airplane breakfast potatoes
771. 24k gold on building top

is it obvious it was my favorite building in Chicago?
772. blisters on blisters
773. Chicago flip flops

774. virgin martyrs painting
775. free chocolate cake
776. I should wear this dress more often

bad lighting -- and this is after I took off pantyhose and flip-flops!
777. a husband who loves me.
778. wind in the windy city
779. funny tour guide
780. fast transit into airport and through security
781. coming home

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


  1. hello there! looks like many amazing moments. and thank you for your sacred comment. liz and ijust loved it!

    much peace,


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