God's love stories ... loving each other and our selves

photo by my husband
As I expected, two posts have come along shortly after posting my last God's love stories. These and the additional ones are about loving each other and loving ourselves.

I've been exploring this idea of self-care recently. It turns out I've been doing some of that already ... and the result of it is that I'm calmer, more grounded and (for me anyway) more patient.

Of course there are days where I feel crappy and act snappy, but nobody's perfect.

About loving each other:

About loving ourselves:

  • Liz Lamoreux posts a video about grieving for and forgiving our past selves: for her it was her 34 year old self. It's a beautiful video. Make sure you  have a peaceful, quiet space in which to listen and digest. You won't want to miss a word.
  • "God's Got This" from Christie at Home Sweet School
  • "Mastering Your Curves" from Sayable. Does your jeans size define you? Be reminded of Who defines you. (Hint: it's not that size tag.)
  • and from Rachel Held Evans' blog (which you really should add to your reading list), she linked in last week's Sunday Superlatives to "Let Love" from Annie at Home.


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