Joy Dare Monday: a week (mostly) on retreat

A different font today because most of the gifts were copied off my Notes app. Let me know if you can see that semi-handwritten style or if it looks terrible or whatever.

I can't believe I have less than 100 gifts to go before I reach 1,000! I think this is pretty cool. Of course, I don't think I will stop at 1,000. Changing my perspective is probably going to take at least another 1,000.

#894 below is "dark smudge of a bird". I was watching the dawn light fall upon the mountains from the back patio of the retreat house this week, savoring my cup of tea and then my gaze drops. There's a dark brown bird sitting motionless on an old quern stone right in front of me.  My perspective changed so quickly. From looking at grand beauty so far away to simple beauty up close.

Here's the list for this week.

877. angel card
878. cold water
879. frustrating enchilada making
880. Crescent moon peeking through clouds in an early morning sky
881. Pepper trees laden with red berries
882. Getting a seaside seat during the second half of the journey

883. "My soul has turned into heaven" - Macrina Wiederkehr, 'A Tree Full of Angels'
884. A field of large orange pumpkins
885. Dolphins!
886. Steak and potato pie

887.  Little pup trying to take ball from mom and hanging on
888. Figuring out how to layer and blend watercolors
889. Pretty roses
890. Eagle or hawk (at least twice as big as a crow)
891. How do birds know which way the other birds are going?
892. Waking up contented
893. Vienna Cinnamon tea (from Tea Forte)
894. Dark smudge of a bird
895. Chat with Br. Tom
896. Chat with fellow retreatant
897. Seeing the dark clouds, the curtain of rain on the mountains, hearing the leaves rattle, smelling clean rain

898. Click of beads
899. Delicious mushroom gravy over roasted green chile crepes
900. Red gold dawn touched mountains
901. God's glory within us
902. Large formation of pelicans
903. Drinking Chardonnay and watching the sunlit sea
904. Steel gray twilight sea

905. hug (even though I'm being grumpy)
906. orange sunset during a walk
907. singing descant
908. making jam is hot work!

will post more about the jam on Wednesday

909. pizza for dinner

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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