A Ticket to Venice

Venice is at the top of my list for overseas destinations (other than Australia obviously). Preferably when the city isn't flooded due to one of the king tides, but any other time would be fine. (OK, except Carnivale, because crowds are not my thing.)  I drool over movies like "Casanova" which are set in Venice. (And "The Merchant of Venice") In fact, I even sat through that Angelina Jolie/Johnny Depp film set there.

Truly, any movie featuring the gorgeous landscapes and townscapes of Italy has me sighing.

Weirdly, I love the idea of getting lost in those twisting Venetian alleyways and the thought of coming upon some hidden from the tourists vignette.

But as we just got back from Australia, an European trip isn't on the cards straight away. However ...

Today, Mary Ann Moss opened up registration for a new class called "Ticket to Venice". She's not only going to teach a new binding for the travel journal, but we'll be seeing Venice vicariously through her.

Clicking on the image above will take you to her blog for more info and to register.

I even wore my favorite shirt today in honor of registration opening:

I think it'll make a really neat template for a journal page....

I think I'll be entitling my journal "Vicarious Venice". Which hopefully doesn't sound too much like a vicar's point of view about Venice!

Is there a place you long to go to that you haven't been yet? Any Venice movie recommendations?


  1. Oh wow! You've peeked my interest in Venice now. Might have to add that to the list of "places to visit one day"!! :-)


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